NonPlus Film presents a film by Stefan A. Lukacs
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Duration: 33min
Languages: German & English
Country of Production: Austria
Year of Production: 2012
Recording format: Red 4k
Screening format: DCP, HDCAM
Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1

Young police officer Christopher has recently become a member of an Austrian special unit, known as WEGA. One of his first assignments is to accompany the deportation of Kofi, a young man from Gambia, who is due to be returned to his home country. But Kofi is reluctant to leave his Austrian wife and children behind. He refuses to board the plane and puts up a struggle, as the police officers, accompanying him, try to force him aboard. The officers finally give up and decide on returning Kofi back to detention. But Niki, one of the elder policemen, feels like he needs to teach Kofi a lesson... a spiral of violence unfolds, in which young Christopher gets tangled up as well. Will he submit to his superiors or stand up for what he believes in?

VOID is a film about four people in the grip of violence. The film has no explanation for the causes of the violence at hand, and in doing so, asks the audience to deal with the matter in greater depth - to transcend beyond generic black-and-white explanations. The leading roles are played by David Wurawa ("Frankfurt Coincidences") and Laurence Rupp ("Dead in 3 Days").